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Public Services Ombudsman for Wales - This programme was produced as a presentation to assist and inform the 22 unitary authorities in Wales.  The film is also available in Welsh.  Both films can be viewed by logging on to the One Voice Wales website.


Corporate promotional sample  -  CONTACT ATTACHMENTS Ltd.

Feedback from a customer of Contact Attachments Ltd., regarding above film:

"Many thanks for sending me your new corporate video - it is very informative and I have to say, very professionally done. I have forwarded this to my colleagues in sales, Gerry Doyle and Dominic Smith, as I think it will be extremely helpful to them."


Corporate promotional sample  -  ECO-MODS Ltd.


Corporate promotional sample  -  ABBA BJORN TO ROCK.


Corporate promotional sample  - Caer Beris Manor

A Beautiful Location for your Wedding Day & Functions.


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